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At Sharratt Chiropractic, our spinal decompression therapy may be the ideal treatment for our patients that are struggling with bulging discs, herniated discs or other personal injuries. Our holistic treatment is a great alternative to surgery or continued pain medication usage. Sharratt Chiropractic’s non-surgical, natural chiropractic treatment is very cost-effective when compared to surgery and can frequently eliminate the need for invasive medical procedures.

The vertebrae in your back are separated by spongy discs that can be easily damaged in an accident or weakened as you age. When an intervertebral disc begins to bulge or break open, a wide range of painful symptoms can result. Injured discs can press on a nerve and cause back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, muscle weakness, numbness and even incontinence.

We offer a non-invasive therapeutic approach that is very safe and can be used along with other holistic treatments to improve your health. During decompression therapy, special equipment is used to apply distraction forces to the structures of the spine in a well-defined and gradual manner. In the course of a treatment, intervals of partial relaxation are used between decompression cycles to help facilitate disc repositioning and healing.

At Sharratt Chiropractic, decompression therapy is part of our holistic approach to corrective care. Dr. Jack Sharratt has many years of experience by using decompression to treat a wide range of physical impairments. If you suffer from debilitating neck pain, back pain or sciatica, or you are looking for migraine relief, please consider investigating whether you are a candidate for decompression therapy offered at Sharratt Chiropractic. This treatment can be very effective at providing pain relief for many patients who have not had success treating their health condition or injury with other medical or holistic techniques.

Call us at 630-406-8088, or make an appointment here, to find out if you are a candidate for non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

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